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Food delivery

Need your groceries picked up or your favorite burrito delivered right to your door? Gopher has you covered.

Just request it on the Gopher app, name your price, and set your time and location preferences. Before you know it, you’ll be devouring that all meat burrito (or veggie for our vegetarian friends) and look at that, you barely had to lift a finger!

Takeout and beverage delivery

Hungry but don’t want to lose your spot in line at the DMV? Need an afternoon pick-me-up while on campus? You can request a Gopher to pick up your favorite meal or beverages and deliver them fresh no matter where you are. Get latte delivery or donut delivery to your office or alcohol delivery to your tailgating event. Your Gopher will keep your food and drinks safe and at the right temperature during transit so that they’re as fresh as possible when you receive them.

Takeout delivery with Gopher
Grocery delivery services through Gopher

Grocery delivery

Maybe you’re feeling ill and can’t make it to the grocery store or you’re right in the middle of making a huge meal and all you need is allspice to finish it off. Either way, you can have a Gopher do a grocery run for you and pick up exactly what you need. Just give them a list, tell them which store you’d like your groceries from, and provide them with a budget so you’re not hit with any unexpected costs.

Gopher is unlike any other food delivery app because you, the requestor, set the value by naming your price and time preference. And even more, the restaurants keep 100% of the profit!

How Gopher works


Select your request type

Whether it’s a delivery, errand, service, or labor need.


Tell us what you need

Enter your description of what you need – remember, you can request anything with Gopher!


Set your price

You set the price you’re willing to pay your Gopher to do your request. 100% of your offer goes to your Gopher.


A gopher pops up

And agrees to do your request for the price and time you need it.

Gopher icon

Becoming a Gopher

Become a Gopher driver

Want to help others out and become a Gopher? It’s easy!

Get anything delivered, today.

What do you need? Junk removal, furniture assembly, food delivery, prescription pick-up, ride sharing, and house cleaning. Whatever you need, a Gopher can do it!

Food Delivery in PRIMARY GEO