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House cleaning

Need a spotless house, like now? Need someone to clean things up while you’re away? Let a Gopher handle it.

Get your pad squeaky clean

Cleaning your house can be an overwhelming task. There are toilets to scrub, spots to remove, and odors to eliminate. With Gopher, you can easily find a person who is ready and willing to tackle all of those tasks, leaving you with a spotless house.

Gopher freelance worker cleans kitchen
Gopher freelance worker cleaning counter

House cleaning services

When you book a house cleaning service with a Gopher, you can describe exactly what you want cleaned, such as your kitchen or bathroom. Just want your floors vacuumed and mopped? They can do all that. While they typically bring their own cleaning equipment, you can also have them use yours as well, especially if you have cleaning solutions you prefer.

How Gopher works


Select your request type

Whether it’s a delivery, errand, service, or labor need.


Tell us what you need

Enter your description of what you need – remember, you can request anything with Gopher!


Set your price

You set the price you’re willing to pay your Gopher to do your request. 100% of your offer goes to your Gopher.


A gopher pops up

And agrees to do your request for the price and time you need it.

Gopher icon

Becoming a Gopher

Become a Gopher driver

Want to help others out and become a Gopher? It’s easy!

Get anything delivered, today.

What do you need? Junk removal, furniture assembly, food delivery, prescription pick-up, ride sharing, and house cleaning. Whatever you need, a Gopher can do it!

House Cleaning in PRIMARY GEO