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Gopher support

Gopher Requests are available 24/7/365. If there is a Gopher requested and a Gopher available, it’s go time!

Gopher Request is $1.99 to use, plus an Instant Transfer Fee of 8% of the total request offered. (This fee covers the operating cost to ensure the Gopher is paid immediately upon completing your request.) For example, if you made a request for a service, wanting to pay a Gopher $30, it would cost $34.55. The Gopher would receive all $30 of your offering.

Yes, you must have a valid ID when your Gopher arrives.

No, you can make any offer you choose. If no-one accepts your request, it will expire and there will not be a charge.

In your App Dashboard at the bottom of the screen, select ACCOUNT and then select REQUEST HISTORY.

On the Sign In page, there is a “Forgot Password?” link.

You can sign up for both Apps by using 2 separate emails. If you only have 1, you can email and we’ll change the Apps for you, allowing you to keep your same Sign In credentials (note with gmail, adding a “ + “ sign after your email name, along with gopher, will act as a new email and can be used as your alternative. Ex: if your Gopher Request email is ( you can use ( for your Gopher Go email.

You are not able to see the Gopher’s location through the app, however you can contact them via Text or Phone any time, or vice versa. Gopher’s are highly encouraged to communicate with you through the process as well.

Gopher allows you to select any restaurant you want. We don’t have exclusive partnerships, so your options are limitless. If the restaurant or food truck has the ability to pay them directly, you can order through their site to save money and make a request to have a Gopher deliver it for you. That is the fastest and most cost effective way. As you’ll find with other services, menu’s can be very limited. With Gopher, the ability to explain exactly what you want, in plain text narrative, allows you to get EXACTLY what you want, 100% of the time. Gophers only accept 1 request at a time as well, so your food will arrive fast and fresh, without having to worry if your driver is delivering other orders as well.

Please rate your Gopher on accuracy, their communication (keeping you informed as to the status of your request) and timeliness of completing your request as it relates to the time preference you set.

Our Requesters have rated Gophers the highest for the following practices (and in no particular order) 1) Arrive on time. 2) Keep your Requester informed as to the status of your progress (via text of phone thru the app). 3) Ensure you’re following COVID-19 safety best practices. 4) Be accurate. 5) Be courteous.

That is a pre-authorization hold to ensure funds are available to pay the Gopher once a request is completed. This charge will fall off your account shortly after it expires or is cancelled.

Knowing the product cost, availability and store hours is essential, because once the Gopher accepts the request, they are doing it in good faith that everything requested is available. Please make sure you have this information before making a Gopher Request.

When you set up your profile, you need to use your legal name. For Gopher Go, your profile info is also linked to your banking information and SSN. will not “verify” an account if the information isn’t accurate. This is to ensure the Gopher is exactly who they say they are and to avoid fraud.

In your App, under Referral Rewards, you’ll see “Share Your Code” (Example: GOPHER####)

Anytime there is a “Cost of Goods” amount listed in a request, that means the Requestors is paying you the money, to pay for something on their behalf. For example, if you want a meal delivered from a Food Truck, and that Food Truck has no way for the Requestor to pay for the food in advance, they will enter the amount in the Cost of Goods section for you to pay on their behalf. Therefore you will have to pay for the items yourself initially (the money will already be in escrow and GUARANTEED to you immediately upon completion.) If you aren’t interested in these transactions or do not have the funds to cover the Cost of Goods, please DO NOT accept the request.

If you inadvertently download the opposite Gopher app, you can email and we’ll change the Apps for you, allowing you to keep your same Sign In credentials.

It is always a good practice to reach out to your Gopher via message or phone (available in the app) to confirm all of the details you’re requesting are understood. Your Gopher is actually encouraged to start correspondence with you immediately after accepting a request.

Enter the final destination address when entering the address of a “multiple-stop” request, then enter the other address(s) in the description section. (*) We recommend entering the address of a store vs just the name in the event there is more than 1 location.

Your request should be as descriptive as possible… the more info the better. Keep in mind, no-one knows what you want done better than you, so take your time in describing EXACTLY what it is you want, so there is no confusion from your Gopher. (Ex: “Pick up lunch from McDonald’s” could include 10 different McDonald’s in the local area, so state the specific location in which you placed your order) ***Also, we strongly recommend NOT putting your phone number in the request. Once a Gopher accepts your request, you’ll be able to chat through the app via phone or text.

When you submit your request, Gopher, Inc. transfers the money from the method of payment you’ve selected, to a holding account to ensure the entire request amount is available once the request is completed. In the event the request is not completed, the money will be released back to the card on file. Please see our Terms and Conditions as to any related scenarios regarding payments, refunds or disputes. This is a VERY important part of our business, so ensuring we’re efficient, safe and secure with all transactions will always be at the forefront of our business model. We understand this is as equally important to our users and that is exactly why we chose Stripe as our trusted payment transaction partner.

It goes without saying, please try and keep your account updated. However, people forget and YES you’ll definitely receive your full payout. When this happens, our payment merchant (Stripe) must verify the info, therefore communicating with the bank in question. This process moves the payout from “Instant Transfer” to “Standard” which takes 2 full business days to clear.

How Gopher works


Select your request type

Whether it’s a delivery, errand, service, or labor need.


Tell us what you need

Enter your description of what you need – remember, you can request anything with Gopher!


Set your price

You set the price you’re willing to pay your Gopher to do your request. 100% of your offer goes to your Gopher.


A gopher pops up

And agrees to do your request for the price and time you need it.

Gopher icon

Becoming a Gopher

Become a Gopher driver

Want to help others out and become a Gopher? It’s easy!

Get anything delivered, today.

What do you need? Junk removal, furniture assembly, food delivery, prescription pick-up, ride sharing, and house cleaning. Whatever you need, a Gopher can do it!

Gopher Support in PRIMARY GEO